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As your body heals from cuts, burns, surgical wounds, or trauma, scarring can occur over the skin surface. The scar is the body’s natural way of closing off wounds using collagen fibers to ‘stitch’ together the site. Without scarring, wound healing would take far longer, and your injury would be more susceptible to infections.

After the wound heals, however, the scars do not fade away and can take on a pigmented hue, making their presence more apparent over the skin. In other cases, poor healing, inflammation, or even exposure to the sun can impact the regeneration of the dermal layer. The scar may even feel itchy or painful to the touch. For others, it can take away from your skin’s radiance and significantly impact your self-confidence.

Dr. Carlos Camacho offers professional scar revision treatments using surgical interventions that can help improve the appearance of unsightly or poor scarring nearly anywhere on the body. We can treat all types of scarring resulting from surgery, accidents, burns, piercings, cuts, vaccines, or more.

We take the time to assess the nature, location, and depth of scars before we provide you with the appropriate treatment plan, which may be noninvasive or invasive (surgical). The aim is to minimize the scarring so that it blends in with the surrounding skin. Whether it’s tummy tuck scar revision, C section scar revision, nose job scars, or breast lift scar revision, we do it all.

To learn more about our scar treatments and whether they are the right choice for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Carlos Camacho!

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What is Scar Revision Surgery?

Scar revision is a minimally invasive surgical treatment that helps reduce the appearance of scars and burns over the patient’s skin. Scar revision surgery will allow you to improve the appearance of the scar and even improve the quality of the surrounding skin. Your procedure will be performed in-house at our clinic using the latest, most effective techniques to soften and reduce scar pigmentation. Depending on the size and location of your scar, you may further be prescribed general or local anesthesia before your procedure.

The scar revision surgery should only be left to the hands of a qualified professional. During the procedure, Dr. Carlos will make an incision over the scar to break away the fibers formed at the wound site. A new suture is added instead to connect the wound together. This time, the fresh tissue that forms will blend better with the skin and won’t leave a pigmented scar.

What Is Burn Scar Revision?

Burns can also lead to scarring over the skin in the form of thick, discolored skin. To correct burn scars, we use the technique of “tissue expansion.” Tissue expanders are placed under the skin and filled with saline solution, which causes the skin around it to stretch and expand. Once the skin grows sufficiently, the expander is removed, and the now healthy skin is redistributed to replace the burnt, scarring surface.

Before and after burn scar:

Following your procedure, you will need to continue using silicone sheets on the surgical site as they help the scars flatten and fade away. You can even combine your procedure with other compatible aesthetic treatments for optimized results.

The postoperative period is decisive for a good final result

Recovery After Scar Revision

Like all surgical and aesthetic procedures, post-operative care is essential if you wish to enjoy optimized results. Here are the guidelines you must adhere to during your scar revision surgery recovery time:

  • You may experience slight swelling and discomfort for 1-2 weeks.
  • Avoid unprotected exposure to the sun, which can aggravate scarring once again; maintain the use of a high-SPF sunscreen.
  • Ensure that the site is kept clean and dry.
  • Do not expose the scar frequently to water, as this can extend the healing period.

Expect Only The Best Personalized Patient Care Before and During Your Recovery Period!

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Benefits Of Burn and Scar Revision Surgery Colombia

Scalar revision and burn revision treatments offer a host of benefits that include functional and personal well-being.

  • Your scars will blend with your natural skin color and texture
  • Scars will also decrease in size
  • Patients will feel more confident in their skin
  • It is a safe and effective procedure that delivers life-long effects
  • Restores the functionality of the area, improving the skin texture and reducing the chances of infection or itching
  • Helps reduce pain from severe scars which may be impeding your body functions

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