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Botox Bogota Facial Aesthetic Treatment

Botox (Botulinum Toxin) is the leading nonsurgical method of preventing and treating the signs of aging in the facial area. Its low-risk and highly effective nature makes it one of our most popular facial treatments. This is the perfect treatment for those who wish to escape the deepening forehead creases, crow’s feet, smile lines, and wrinkles!

For the Botox Bogota Colombia treatment, a diluted amount of Botulinum Toxin, a type of protein produced artificially from the Clostridium Botulinum bacteria, is injected in small amounts under the skin where it softens moderate to severe facial wrinkles and gives you a more youthful appearance. Another surprising effect of Botox injections is their ability to control excessive sweating, particularly in the armpits, palms, and soles of the feet.

Note that Botox is not exclusively used as fillers (although they may be combined with dermal fillers for optimized results). Botox prevents and reduces wrinkles by freezing the underlying muscles that would otherwise cause wrinkles to deepen over time, therefore helping you achieve a more youthful radiance.

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How Is The Botox Treatment Performed?

To assess whether you are a good fit for the Botox Bogota Colombia procedure, we call you in for a one-on-one consultation. You are not a good fit if you have any active skin infections, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or are taking certain medications.

If you are a good fit, your procedure is scheduled. The procedure is performed in-house at our clinic on an outpatient basis. The procedure takes just around 30 to 45 minutes to complete and delivers immediate results. It is painless and does not have any side effects.

Some of the most common treatment areas we see include the areas around the eyes developing crow’s feet, the creases formed on the forehead, and the smile lines formed around the mouth. The toxin works to relax the muscles and freeze their movements so they do not aggravate wrinkle formation. Know that Botox is not a permanent treatment. You will have to sign up for a top-up every six months to maintain the effects of your Botox Colombia procedure.

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Botulinum Toxin Recommended Dosage

Botulinum Toxin is delivered to the target muscles under the skin using tiny needles. The average dose for each session will depend on the areas you wish to target. The standard size of Botox dosages is usually between 50 to 100 units per vial.

Join us for a consultation session for more information on the Botox Bogota Colombia treatment and the recommended dosage for your case.

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